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Aug. 19, 2003

I am back from my nice, relaxing camping trip. (If it was so relaxing, why am I up with insomnia?) Nothing beats a family reunion during a heat wave, while camping, for creating quality knitting time. My knitting acted like valium, and I was able to keep somewhat sane. I did discover that my version of Brisa, while lovely, was a little small. Then I took a look at Theresa's gauge and smacked my head. Hmmm, one of these days I will start knitting a gauge swatch BEFORE knitting the project. However, I have my ChicKami waiting for a try-on to determine strap lengths. I am a little nervous about the fit and almost wriggled into it while sitting in the front seat of the van, during the drive home. I didn't want to entertain the kids, and the other drivers on the road, so I am waiting until later on today. I could go do that now. Since I am not sleeping, and can't do much else.....

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