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Apr. 15, 2003

I really haven't dropped off the face of this Earth. It was tempting, but I didn't. My time on the computer has become so limited, that I often just don't get the chance to post. So, I have been knitting away on the most boring sock ever, and my Sisik sweater. I have also finished up two beading projects, and started a third one. It has been fun, and I use it to bribe myself. If I knit 4 rows on my sock, I can bead for half an hour.

Work has been going well, but I have worked quite a few extra hours. (You would never know that by looking at my pay cheque!) It takes a lot out of me though, so I am really thankful that this week I only have two shifts, plus the stat. Next week I am off all week until Thursday, then I am going away to a conference. I am really looking forward to this. I want to gather some information about the mandate for our library vs that of other public libraries. Also that of the school libraries in Alberta. School libraries have been a major concern of mine since my older children started in Junior High. I think the schools and the library are working at such cross purposes that the students are suffering. But before I get to stirred up about the whole thing, I have to look at just what service we are expected to give vs the "norm". Research...never was my strong suit in school. Now I do research just about every day, just not on my topics. (Ok, I'll leave this topic alone)

This morning we woke up to yet another dump of snow, and the pitiful sight of the first spring robin sitting in our apple tree, looking totally bewildered. I could just see him wondering why he came back here. I hope we end up with another robin's nest in our spruce tree this year. It was really interesting to watch them last year, especially when flying lessons started. Anyway, I am off to hunt a few dust bunnies and then knit and bead. I am going to enjoy the silence of today!

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