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Mar. 22, 2003

I wish I could spell! (Actually, I wish I could type without making all the typos that make it look as though I cannot spell.)

Some of my seeds have sprouted, and a lot of snow has melted. Hope is really starting to niggle at my brain, I just hope reality doesn't allow it to snow again.

I am swatching for a sweater that I am designing out of Sisik wool. I think I may have to move down to 4.5 mm needles because the 5mm ones create a rather loose fabric. Back to swatching and ripping. (I figured I would do this prior to just jumping in and knitting. There has to be a first time for everything, right?)

JanetK | 3/22/2003 01:46:00 p.m. linkback

Mar. 20, 2003

My Top Secret sweater is finished! Hurray! It turned out a whole lot better than I thought yesterday. Now to get some help with a picture.

JanetK | 3/20/2003 03:05:00 p.m. linkback

Mar. 19, 2003

Spring is trying to arrive here, and it is about time! I figured that I would plant my seeds today, and maybe even start to dream about what my garden will look like this summer. That will guarentee that we will have more snow and another deep freeze.

I am still plugging away at my Top-Secret sweater. I reached the point in the neck where I need to switch needles and realized that I didn't have a set of DPNs that were the correct size. My trip to the LYS netted me a set of 7.5 mm needles which were the largest size they have, so I guess I will be knitting the next 5" very loosely! The rest of the sweater is looking pretty good, although there are a couple of places where I am going to have to do some fancy finishing to make it look better. I am not sure why I have these problems, but they epitomize why I rarely finish knitting sweaters. I am just never quite happy with the results.

Yesterday I made a trip to Michael's in Edmonton, so I could purchase some cotton-ease for Bonne Marie's Sitcom Chic sweater in the current issue of knitty. And, to my utter disgust, I found out that they have discontinued it, and didn't have enough balls in any colours execpt red or yellow, to knit that sweater. This was the only local place that I knew of that carried this yarn. Last year, they stopped carrying the Homespun, and now cotton-ease, next will be wool-ease, I suppose. (Can you tell that I am just a touch crabby? LOL! I wish we could access some inexpensive, yarn that wasn't pure acrylic and felt it too. Some Brown Sheep would be nice, also. Even if it was only to put Canadian knitters onto the same ground as Americans.)

OK, that rant out of my system, I guess I can worry about the up-coming war now, or better yet, I'll go work on my newest pair of mindless socks.

JanetK | 3/19/2003 03:49:00 p.m. linkback

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