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Mar. 10, 2003

ARGGGGG!!!!!!!!! I hate it when I write a long post and blogger loses it!!!!

I was trying to get a clearer picture of the Drunken Master socks, but the wool is so vibrant that I cannot get a good image capture. I have been playing in Paint Shop Pro, and this should give you a better idea of the initial sock, and wool. The colours pooled horribly in straight knit, so I had to choose a textural stitch.

This is an attempt to show the pattern better, (as well as my error). It really did look better in Paint Shop, but now it looks blurry and over exposed.

And here is Konan being very helpful once again. This is usually where he sits, right on the monitor. If I shot the picture from the front, you could see that he is in position to drape his tail over the screen, or peek down and see if his help is needed.

Yes, he is wearing his sucky "Aren't I so beautiful?" expression!

JanetK | 3/10/2003 02:05:00 p.m. linkback

Mar. 9, 2003

I never did comment on the latest knitty. WOW!!!! There are three projects in it that I am planning to knit right now. I am considering another one too. If this was a magazine I had to buy, I would. Unlike some of the other online zines, and even the paper ones, I enjoy knitty and always find at least one project I WANT to knit. It is even causing me to seriously consider trying my hand at design. (Don't hold your breath though!)

JanetK | 3/09/2003 11:00:00 p.m. linkback

I have finished B's socks! I knit them out of Sisu wool, using orange for the cuffs and heels, and a bright varigated for the rest of the socks. The Drunken Master is a fun pattern to knit. If you are interested in it, the directions are here. I made an error when knitting the first sock, and had to continue it into the second sock. I think the quality of my picture is too poor for you to see it.

I was able to do some spindling today too. I had carded some of the brown roving from my spinning course, and the cat was insiting on playing with the rolags. So I spun several of them up. I still have quite a bit of it left, but I need to get approximately the same amount spun on another spindle so I can ply it together. I am definately spinning a whole lot better than I used to. I no longer worry about the "park and draft", and rarely break the single. My spindles are staying in better shape because of that too.

Here is a picture of my midi Bossie made of tulipwood. It is my current favourite to spin with. I am also posting a picture of my crazy cat Konan. One of his favourite perches is on top of the computer hutch.

JanetK | 3/09/2003 10:22:00 p.m. linkback

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