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Feb. 18, 2003

I have had a chance to play with my spindles this morning. I am amassing quite the collection of them. This morning I was finally able to spin on my Tulipwood midi Bosworth. I haven't had any success in the past, but finally have my drafting technique sorted out enough that I am getting a nice result. I am still using the brown wool that was supplied at the spinning class I took, because I am saving my fancier fibres for the day that I will be a better spinner. I suppose I should start trying some of them. There are some gorgeous fibres waiting for me to fine tune my spinning skills. I would still like to get a wheel, but I think that will be something I have to leave until the future.

My eldest daughter has expressed an interest in weaving. I know she really wants a great, big floor loom, however, that is out of the question. (No funds, no space!) However, after reading Stacia's blog, and looking into inkle looms, I think my husband can create a small one that she and I can learn on. The bonus is that if we don't care for it, the loom won't take up a lot of space or material. And if we do like it, the possibilities are endless! (Yeah, right! Like I REALLY need another hobby! But Caitlyn might like it, and I am always willing to enable new hobbies and interests for my kids!)

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