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Dec. 28, 2002

May your needles click and clack,
May your yarn stash never lack
Sock yarn large and sock yarn small
Worsted, DK, fingering ---all
Colors quiet and colors gay
To be knitted some fine day.
Patterns new and patterns old
Creative people who can hold
Strands of love between their hands
Knitting now in many lands
Socks for husbands, socks for lovers,
Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers.
As we head towards a New Year
Health and Happiness far and near.

Gail Robinson

This was posted to the Socknitters list on the 23rd. I thought it was rather appropriate. The name included is the woman who posted it. I don't know if she wrote it or just passed it on.

JanetK | 12/28/2002 04:13:00 p.m. linkback

Dec. 27, 2002

I convinced Jim to wear his new socks today. He says that there isn't much difference between them and commercial socks. Sigh! I suppose I won't be knitting socks for him again.

JanetK | 12/27/2002 07:30:00 p.m. linkback

Dec. 26, 2002

I finished the socks that I was knitting for Jim for Christmas. I wasn't able to get them done before Christmas because I was trying to knit them while he wasn't around. It is really tough to find that time. He wanted sedate, not flashy socks. I hope these fit that description. They fit him well, but he hasn't put the pair on yet.

JanetK | 12/26/2002 05:10:00 p.m. linkback

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