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Nov. 7, 2002

Don't you just hate it when you write a lovely, long, newsy post, and it gets eaten by blogger? (Insert sound of loud, long scream followed by wailing and gnaching of teeth) Now to try again, not that I will get it all.

I still haven't taken any pitures of my Tiger socks, although I have worn them quite a bit. They are so comfortable! I am very glad that I chose my favourite Slouch sock pattern for them. I had my doubts about halfway through the first sock because the striping really doesn't lend itself to this knitting pattern, but once they are on my feet, they look great and feel even better!

My "fibres to spin" stash is really growing. I bought 4 ounces of a GNIC carded batt from Running Moon Farm, in the Spanish Moss colour, I think. It was so lovely, that I splurged and bought 12 ounces of Morning Haze. I hope I can do justice to them when I get them spun up. I have also bought 4 ounces of an angora blend in soft spring colours. The last two haven't arrived yet, but I am looking forward to the fibre petting session that will occur once they do. :-)

My second Bosworth spindle has arrived. I now have a cochin rosewood one, and a tulipwood one. Both are midis and both spin very well. Now if I could just spin better with them. I did take the first part of my spinning class. Not a whole lot of time was spent on drop spindling, but I think I have a clearer idea of what I am trying to do. We did get to spin on spinning wheels, and I have borrowed a wheel from the shop. It is a lovely Ashford scholar, which I don't think is made anymore, but is on consignment at the shop. jim just about had kittens when he found out the price, and he is still convinced that he can build me a wheel (just like that!) for a whole lot less. Since he doesn't really have the time, and I don't think he has the inclination either, I doubt he ever will build it. He also hasn't priced out the wood needed, or the extra bits and pieces. It may come as a total shock to him once he does. I am not in a hurry though. I like the wheel, but the spindles are a lot of fun too.

I have three "active" knitting projects. I am still knitting Maryssa's shawl, but I am rapidly running out of yarn. It may be interesting when it is finished. I am also knitting a pair of socks for one of Caitlyn's friends. This is a bright pair, and will match her personality to a T. The other pair is Blueberry Waffle Socks in fingering weight out of a slightly varigated Regia Stretch yarn. They are a little dull, but very mindless and great to carry around and work on whenever someone is watching.

Anyway, that is an update on part of my life. It gets pretty crazy, but do I. Have a good one!

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