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Oct. 10, 2002

Another day, and a new computer. Hmmm.... This is a bit of a trend. Not a great one, but one none the less. This time we got a scanner along with the computer. I guess the price of these computers has gone down so we picked up a scanner that works with XP. (Did I mention how much I hate Windows XP?) Anyway, I am curious wether the price went down because someone discovered what a piece of crap these computers are, or if they are just really obsolete now? I am also curious about when my DH is planning on getting rid of the three extra scanners that do not work with our computers, but are living in our basement anyway. (On that , I suspect never would be a good guess.)

Yesterday was my first full day of work. I really love the job, but am I ever tired after working all day. I work this afternoon and evening, and then again all day tomorrow. And if I am lucky, I will be able to get in quite a bit of knitting this weekend.

Last night, I had a parent/teacher interview with my youngest daughter's teacher. Maryssa is a very independant thinker and is working beyond what the class is currenly doing. Hmmm... grade 1 is too easy for her....maybe I should brush off the calculus text from university and get het to explain it to me. :-) She probably would, but it wouldn't be the right explanation. (Of course, the explanation I came up with wasn't the one my prof thought was correct either.)

I am rambling, but then again, this is my blog.... so a rambling I will go.........

JanetK | 10/10/2002 09:39:00 a.m. linkback

Oct. 8, 2002

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Windows XP? Our main computer is on crash number 6 since February. I am so not impressed. Oh well, while we get it up and running again, I suppose I should do some more knitting. Or maybe hammer a few more nails into something. Wielding a hammer is such a stress reliever! :-)

JanetK | 10/08/2002 10:46:00 a.m. linkback

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