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Oct. 1, 2002

Yes, I am still here. I have started training for my new job. Not a lot of hours yet, but it still fills my brain. :-) In my spare time, I have been knitting a sock out of some Opal Tiger that I was given. I know I wouldn't have ever bought this yarn on my own, but I like the way it is knitting up. I have also finally figured out how to draft with a drop spindle. It must have been the fibre I was using coupled with watching the videos at I Can a million times! I still don't know what it was that clicked, but I was thrilled when it did. I have half a pound of Polypay fibre to spin and it is going fairly well. I wonder if I culd set the twist and hand-dye it, and sell it for big bucks on Ebay? It looks a little like some of those thick/ thin yarns...well, maybe a little more even. Oh well, it is fun to play with, and when it works well, very relaxing.

JanetK | 10/01/2002 08:51:00 p.m. linkback

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