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Sep. 6, 2002

Peach Beserk and its sister store Fresh Baked Goods are enough to lure me to Toronto. Failing that, a tour around their websites have given me a desire to revamp my tired wardrobe. Of couse, I would never have any place to wear some of this stuff, but...take a look at Babette. I would really love a dress like that. Even if I had to create an opportunity to wear it. That is a little tough when you don't leave the house very often though.

On the fibre front, I found a hand spindle at my local yarn store. This place is about 15 minutes (on a bad traffic day) from me, and the owner is also a spinner and weaver, as well as a knitter. Anyway, I picked up a little pear wood spindle made by Ray. I haven't tried it out yet, but I am hoping to have better luck than I have with my CD spindle. I am also waiting for my Bosworth midi Spindle from Journey Wheel. I ordered a cochin rosewood one and Sheila has informed me that it is on it's way. I also love the look of the budinga wood, but I don't think I am going to be able to splurge and order from the US too often. The exchange rate is just too high, but I can keep dreaming.

Speaking of dreaming, the yarn store also has a double treadle Ashford Joy spinning wheel that I have been lusting after. Since they are quite expensive, I am going to take some lessons on spinning with the drop spindle and then the wheel to see if I am even interested in doing more of it. Right now I am, but I never know just how flighty my interests can be.

I started knitting a pair of socks from Fortissima Colori yarn in the mexiko collection, colour 9070. I have both socks to the heel and am doing a short row heel on them. The yarn is lovely to knit with. It doesn't twist back on itself which is a frequent problem I have had with Opal yarns. It also feels really nice. It smells a little weird, but from experience, I know that is just from the processing and they will be fine once they are washed. The one thing that really ticked me off about this yarn is that the two balls were wound in different directions. I did discover that at the beginning so I was able to get them started from the same point and get the pattern sequence to repeat the same, but if I hadn't known about this, I would have been really cheesed about the whole process.

I have been rather verbal today. I guess when I finally decide to update, I go whole hog. I guess I should confess to starting my Christmas knitting too. On Saturday I knit up a scarf for my eldest DD out of a bright red eyelash yarn called Funny. It was so simple! One ball of yarn, 6.5 mm needles, cast on 14 stitches (I actually used 20) and knit until you are left with enough yarn to cast off. And Voila! Movie knitting. I might even make a few more of them since they only cost about $6.00 to make and they are very trendy at the High School. Heck, I even liked the feel of the fuzz wrapped around my neck. :-)

Well, have a good one. I am getting ready for a weekend retreat for the youth leaders from my church. Since it is two days away from home, I should throw a few things together and look like I am prepared.

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