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Apr. 17, 2002

My comment page isn't working right now, which is a real bummer. I think netcomments is trying to switch ISPs, so it may be a little while. If there is anything you wish to comment on, there is a link on the left for my email address, or you can use the knitblog list mail address. Thanks. (I am assuming that someone is reading this.)

JanetK | 4/17/2002 01:43:00 p.m. linkback

Setting up this blog is taking up more of my time than knitting is right now. Thanks toTheresa I have downloaded w.bloggar to try. We shall see what happens now. It looks interesting. I have also looked at several other templates and really want to upload something new. I am just not sure I want to go through all the hassle I went through when I changed to this one.

I worked on my Opal SOTM for February last night. The yarn did not inspire me at all, and the pattern required a lot of tweaking before I could get it to work. It is a cable pattern, but was written for only 64 stitches, and with sock yarn, on 2.25mm needles, that is just too small. I had to find a way to add an extra 8 stitches to the pattern, and I think I have come up with something that works well. I will try and get a scan of the work I have done so far. And I have to remember to pick up my pictures so I can scan my other pictures in. I really would like a digicam!

JanetK | 4/17/2002 09:06:00 a.m. linkback

Apr. 16, 2002

I think I have to go on a yarn diet. Not that I want to, but I had better get a few projects knit up and finished before I end up snowed under a mountain of wool.

Today I received my latest purchase from Joslyn's Fiber Farm. It is some gorgeous Angel Hair wool in the denim colourway to make up the Landscape Shawl. I bought this kit through Ebay. I have purchased a few of her other kits and her Sheep's Gift wool is lovely to work with and made very nice socks. The Mohair Myst is also fantastic! And since the colourways are never quite the same in person as they are on the monitor, I am always pleasantly surprised when I receive my order. Just another great place to order wool from. The problem is that I am way too comfortable with ordering it.

On the home front; my youngest daughter lost her first tooth today! She was so thrilled that she got to show her class (Kindergarten) the space in her mouth. She is only the second child in her class to lose a tooth. Both her siblings were the last kids in their classes. I have to remember to put a call in to the tooth fairy for a visit tonight.

JanetK | 4/16/2002 02:05:00 p.m. linkback

Apr. 15, 2002

It snowed last night. Today the school buses aren't running and the highway into the city is pretty much closed. It would be a great day to sit and knit, but...there are way too many people here!

I have put my Regia clown socks aside. I want to knit the heels and toes in a different colour, but wasn't able to find one locally. So I have ordered some yarn from Red Bird Knits. Robyn has been such a help, that I also ordered some Regia 5025 (Papillion) and some GGH Merino Soft to knit up her Leafy Bower socks. I won this pattern on a little contest Robyn put up in March. They look like they will be interesting to knit. The Papillion yarn, I fell in love with after seeing the lovely job Terri did on her socks in this yarn. By the way, she has a great tutorial for socks and another great one for the Wonderful Wallaby. And she is another Canadian to boot!

I think I am going to hunker down on the couch and work on my felted bucket bag from Wool You Order. I am using a blue heather yarn by Galway. It looks really interesting so far.

JanetK | 4/15/2002 11:58:00 a.m. linkback

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